Argo Talents

Argo Talents is an Executive Search brand focused on identifying Top Management (C-Level, Board Members) and Middle Management profiles with high business impact. As preferred advisors for this talent segment and with in-depth knowledge of the market, we also support our clients with other solutions.

our solutions

Executive Search

Through an Executive Search methodology, we perform an exhaustive mapping of the market (sector and multi-sector) looking for the best talent for your company.

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Assessment Center

Argo Dive is our assessment methodology, which allows, by using several sources of information collection and a set of lenses, to cross-reference several data and thus get a holistic perspective of one or more employees and, consequently, organizational indicators that can support decision making.

Talent Mapping

Service that acts as an anticipation factor in human resources strategy decision making, allowing for the mapping of profiles and teams in a specific activity sector or in a particular functional area. Talent Mapping ensures greater agility in responding to a recruitment need.

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Market Intelligence

We provide information about the market that allows for better planning of recruitment needs in a given context, such as business expansion to new markets, implementation of competence centers, creation of new business areas, among others.

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Team Organization Models

We analyze the market in order to benchmark the most appropriate organizational models for your business strategy and help the Top Management make the best use of the skills they have in their teams.

Succession Planning

We identify the talent pipeline (internal and external) to ensure succession plans that allow the organization to make transitions in a planned way, avoiding the negative impact on the business and teams.

Training in Recruitment - Best Practices

We know that the market, trends, and tools related to Recruitment are in permanent evolution. Therefore, we train our clients' Human Resources teams in candidate search tools, interviewing, potential assessment, and other market best practices in Talent Acquisition.

Career Restart

The Career Restart Service is an exclusively B2B service, carried out by a team of certified consultants and designed to support companies in accompanying their employees in career transition processes. It consists of a cycle of workshops, designed for groups of employees in the career management phase, providing them with essential techniques and tools to achieve their professional goals.