Cláudia Pires

Cláudia has a degree in Management and is a 2nd year student of the Master in Human Resources Management at ISCAP. She chose this specialization in HR because it is an area that effectively puts people before numbers and because she has always enjoyed dealing with various types of people.
She had the opportunity to do two internships, one in the marketing area, being responsible for handling the digital presence of the company, and the other in the human resources area, giving support to the payroll department.
Throughout her academic and personal life, she was involved in several volunteer and youth association projects, where she could develop social skills and at the same time be in contact with other people and cultures.
She has always been interested in areas related to Talent Acquisition, where she maintains a close relationship and partnership with clients and candidates.
She considers herself a young woman motivated to face new challenges and eager to acquire new knowledge.
She is characterized as a responsible, committed person, with a collective and sociable spirit. She likes to be always attentive to the welfare of her colleagues, putting the interests of the team above her individual interests.
In 2021 she will join Argo Partners as a Trainee.