Our Story

Our history began in 2004, when part of the current team, as Jason Associates, created a new paradigm in the Human Resources Consulting market in Portugal. With the progressive growth and the selling of the company in 2017, some elements of that team created Argo Partners, aiming to continue the legacy created.

The purpose remains the same: help companies successfully implement the business strategies by creating and developing aligned and motivated teams, because we still believe that happy people do more, better and longer!

Follow your intuition and join this journey with us

Our Mission

Provide solutions that allow our clients to have in their organizations the people and talent they need to differentiate themselves in the market and successfully implement the defined strategy, promoting the employee value proposition and ensuring an excellent experience for candidates and employees.

Our Ambition

We want to be the preferred partner when defining Talent Acquisition strategies, that leverage our clients’ business, thriving to become the best advisors for both clients and candidates.

Search & Assessment Solutions for Top Management

Search & Assessment Solutions for Top Management