Recruitment & Selection

The purpose

The reinforcement of the team, the replacement of a collaborator or the creation of a new area and/or department are some of the reasons that are at the origin of recruitment and selection processes. In this context, it was about the creation of a new business area associated with the Services segment, which a multinational in the Oil & Gas sector wanted to implement in Portugal. In order to find a professional with the necessary skills to lead this department, the Head of Human Resources at the Portuguese subsidiary opted to enlist the help of a specialized external partner for this mission. It is in this context that our collaboration from Argo Fit for the identification of the Field Service Manager arises, whose mission was to commercially develop the Ibero-American market in the area of Services and manage the respective technical assistance teams.
The way
In first place, we held a kick-off meeting with the client to define the profile, learn about the company's organizational culture and align the next steps in the process. Together, we defined the main sources of disclosure and the most appropriate research strategy that leveraged the following methodology:

  • We published an advertisement on the digital employment platforms, in this case, in the Opportunities area of our website and on our Linkedin page (Argo Fit) in Job Vacancies;

  • We carried out a curricular screening of applications received based on the requirements of the function and elected candidates for the telephone screening phase, where we tried to assess the candidate's background in the process (relevant professional experience, specific knowledge, motivations, availability and salary conditions);

  • In parallel, we searched in our database for professionals with experience in similar roles currently in companies in the same industry or identical business areas;

  • We selected approximately 10-15 candidates for face-to-face interviews (or via Skype, when it was not possible for geographic reasons) and, at this moment, we know the person and explore their personal and professional trajectory in the light of the opportunity;

  • We identified the most suitable profiles and defined a shortlist with four candidates that we presented to the client in the form of individual, short and objective reports;

  • Argo Fit gaved support, followed and managed the stage of interviews with the client, assuming an active and available posture, in order to guarantee the transmission of feedback and a careful management of expectations.

The impact
The open communication channel and the sharing of feedback with the client on an almost daily basis, enabled Argo Fit consultants to have a good understanding of the desired profile and the surrounding context of the need, allowing an efficient and correct selection of candidates. In addition, the quality of the applications and the market's receptivity in the client's area of ​​activity were also variables that positively influenced this process, resulting in two hires with only one Short-list.
In this way, we can say that successful cases like this, which exceed expectations and make us proud, are real and possible due to the professionalism and experience of our team that every day strives to make a difference in the talent attraction market. We believe that the human side and the orientation towards the quality of our consultants are transversal and distinctive of our DNA.


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