Market Intelligence

The Purpose

Talent Race increasingly requires companies to think of alternatives to their talent acquisition strategy and make decisions that allow them to remain competitive in attracting talent.
Good decisions tend to be informed decisions, and in this sense, Market Intelligence studies allow a clearer view of the market, and serve as a framework for better planning of recruitment needs in a given context, for example:
  • Expansion of the business into new markets;
  • Implementation of competence centers, 
  • The creation of new business areas, among others.
Argo was invited to develop a Market Intelligence study about the IT market, by an international retail company in Portugal, to evaluate the viability of creating Digital Hubs and recruit technological talent outside the major urban centers.

The Way
Different indicators were analyzed:
  1. Training qualified local talent
    1. Main training centers at national level
    2. Number of people graduated in each course (engineering and technology)
  2. Existing Talent Pool
    1. Segment analysis
      1. Function
      2. Technology
      3. Seniority
    2. Main Employers of technological profiles in the different regions
  3. Salary Benchmark
    1. Analysis of salary and benefit ranges according to the different talent segments and regions
With the data collected through different sources of information, a report was created with the main KPI's.

The Impact
The report had an impact on the structuring of the Digital Hubs concept, allowed the project feasibility analysis (existence of functional profiles, talent pipeline, and succession), choice of location for the implementation of the pilot project, and definition of remuneration and attraction policies for the different profiles.

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