Succession Planning

The purpose

More and more companies have to be agile, anticipate scenarios and know how to act quickly. Thus, preparing the Organization and its people for succession processes is essential.
A client of ours, a consulting company, was going through a period of high volume of business activity, simultaneously, with a situation of high employee turnover.
Thus, it faced the need to know, for its critical functions, which pipeline of internal and external talent, in order to quickly address future potential succession needs. This client turned to Argo Talents in order to identify the talent pipeline (internal and external) in order to ensure succession plans that would allow the Organization to make planned transitions, avoiding their negative impact on the business and the teams.
The way
In a first moment, we collaborated with our client to define the ideal profiles for the functions defined as critical in the company:

  • at the level of the most relevant interpersonal skills;

  • the level of proficiency respectively required;

  • from the ideal personality characteristics to their integration in the company's team/culture;

  • the EVP of the function;

  • and the necessary prior experience.

On the other hand, it was necessary to assess the exit risk of professionals who, in our client, performed the functions considered critical by the company. Within the scope of this assessment, whose methodology was defined according to the client in question, the following dimensions were assessed:

  • proficiency of employees in the skills considered most relevant to the job;

  • potential for employee development and expectations for progression;

  • factors and level of engagement with the company.

Likewise, we interviewed employees previously referred by the company as having the greatest potential, assessing them in the dimensions previously mentioned. This evaluation allowed us to sort by the degree of eligibility and speed of integration of the employees concerned in the critical functions.
At the same time, we defined, together with the client, target companies where we could find potential candidates for the company's critical functions. After researching and identifying candidates, we applied the same methodology and metrics to assess the requirements previously defined for the profiles in question.
The impact
With the work carried out by Argo Talents, our client was able to understand who the possible successors are, internal and external, for the critical functions of the company, in a quick way to be able to fill them in case of professionals leaving, preparing them for it. On the other hand, the work in question allowed our client to anticipate future needs, preventively hiring more junior professionals with the potential to take on the functions considered critical in the organization.


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