Talent Mapping

The purpose

Our client was a multinational company with several offices in Portugal. In the context of the company, there was a challenge at the Leadership level, given that the Delegation Directors tended to be expatriate employees. This was due to the specificity of the business and the strong culture of the company, at a time of strong expansion, when it was important to spread good practices in the Organization and accelerate growth, betting the company on this transmission of know-how of employees who came from more developed countries. mature in terms of operation.
At a later stage, when these employees were expected to return to their countries of origin, the challenge of finding potential successors was posed.
The way
The solution to this Leadership challenge went through 2 levels: On the one hand, identification of internal potential and training of the elements identified for potential successors, on the other hand, there was a mapping of talent in the market. It started by identifying the organizational structures existing in the market where the operational challenges and leadership culture were similar. Subsequently, a survey of the identified structures and potential assessment of the different identified candidates was carried out.
The output was a mapping of the market, which allowed our client to obtain important information to support decision making.
The impact
This project allowed our client to understand the different Leadership practices present in other market structures and conclude that, in the absence of professionals with the desired profile, the best strategy was to invest in the development of academies to enhance the talent identified internally.
Not necessarily having a Talent Mapping project as an end to recruitment, in this case it allowed the Organization to validate the best strategy to follow in order to respond to the Leadership challenges that were presented.


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