Our Story

Our story began in 2004, when part of the current team, as Jason Associates, created a new paradigm in the Human Resources Consulting market in Portugal. With the progressive growth and the selling of the company in 2017, some elements of that team created ARGO, aiming to continue it's legacy.

The purpose remains the same: help companies successfully implement their business strategies by creating and developing aligned and motivated teams, with the belief happy people do more, better and longer!

Our Mission

For organizations that are looking for success through people, we are a company that develops transversal human resources strategies inspired by courage, giving our clients the possibility of having teams that are fully aware of their potential and 100% aligned around the same purpose.

Our Ambition

We want to be our clients preferred partner when defining Talent Acquisition strategies, that leverage our clients’ business, and we thrive to become the best advisors for both clients and candidates.

What We Do

Executive Search | Talent Acquisition Strategy Definition | Salary Benchmarks | Talent Assessments & Due Dilligences |
Market Intelligence Studies | Candidate Experience

We have seen, in the last decades, profound transformations in the market, with structural changes in different sectors and the emergence of new businesses, which have been gaining prominence in the market.
For a long time, executive teams have focused their attention on two axes: Business Strategy and Process Optimization. However, despite the efforts to make Management an increasingly objective science, the results produced have not always lived up to expectations.

​What makes then some leaders have great success in one context and negative results in others? Why do the same products succeed when launched by one company and fail when launched by another? Why are we so productive and fulfilled with some leaders and deeply unhappy with others?

These are some of the questions we are passionate about, and to which we seek answers through the implementation of solutions that allow us to implement the intended business strategy through the People axis.