Where we come from

Jason Associates’ Talent Attraction team has honored the origin of its history since 2004. A story based on the assumption that a set of regular heroes sailed the seas of ancient Greece in search of the "golden fleece." A sacred piece which would bring luck and prosperity to all who encountered it. This mission was fulfilled whenever we advised the best talent in the market to make the best choices for their professional lives, so that companies would have the right people on their side.

After 13 years, Jason Associates' Talent Attraction team heads to a new destination: searching the entire market, looking for professionals with special skills that go far beyond the traditional concept of experience and fit with companies’ culture.

Inspired by organization’s future needs and standing by the World Economic Forum’s statement, "today we are looking for people who can solve complex problems in a changing world.”

This new trip is held at ARGO PARTNERS: a mythical boat led by a crew that is prepared to select the best professionals in the market.

There are two distinct companies within ARGO PARTNERS: Argo Talents and Argo Fit, both working for their clients and candidates offering a wide range of customized solutions designed for each specific need.


Why Argo Partners?

Jason Associates’ merge and the birth of Argo Partners had the purpose to offer clients and candidates with the best answer to their needs. We highlight:

  • Our unmeasured dedication to everything related to Talent Acquisition, our wish to impact the way people think about this area, our profound knowledge in the talent that exists in the market and in the Portuguese business market, our ability to maintain strong relationships with both our clients and candidates;
  • Not having “off limits companies” as direct clients – which allows us to have a wider range of potential candidates and broaden the spectrum of our searches;
  • Our team - filled with truly dedicated professionals, that are passionate about Talent;
  • Our ability to capitalize on 13 years worth of experience in this industry – as a part of Jason Associates – added onto a broad and strategic approach to organizational knowledge.