Recruitment Training

The purpose

We know that the market, trends and tools related to Recruitment are constantly evolving.
In this sense, we train our clients' Human Resources teams in candidate search tools, conducting interviews, assessing potential and other good market practices, with regard to the Talent Acquisition area.  
The HR Department of our client, a multinational FMCG company, with a great diversity of business areas and an extensive corporate area, was having difficulty explaining to its internal clients the complexity in the processes of recruiting professionals for the various functions that the company had open and the timings that they involved.
It was important to align processes, procedures and expectations.
The way
In a first moment, we collaborated with our client's HR department to identify possible causes of discontent among its internal clients. This identification was complemented with face-to-face interviews with different line managers (directors from other areas of the company), internal HR clients in recruitment processes.
Having identified the positive, negative aspects and the expectations evidenced both by the HR department and by line managers in relation to the topic under analysis, it was important to sensitize both interlocutors to the respective challenges and needs for improvement in terms of their performance in the processes of recruitment. For this purpose and considering the full flow of a recruitment process in the company, we define key moments and those of the respective & dont's, with identification of the possible consequences for the process of non-observance of them by those involved.
The work carried out resulted in the design of specific training courses for HR professionals involved in the recruitment processes and the design of specific training courses for line managers. In this context, and through training of a practical and experiential nature, it was possible to sensitize both target audiences to issues related to the importance of:

  • The profiles to be recruited are constructed in a balanced and realistic manner (and we are aware of the lack of perfect profiles);

  • Define in advance the research strategy to be developed, with the identification of possible target companies;

  • The EVP of the function to be transmitted to candidates have to be clear;

  • Prepare the interviews in advance, with the development of a script;

  • There is, within the scope of the interview, space for the candidate to get to know the job better;

  • Giving feedback to candidates and their impact;

  • A relevant and constructive advisory by the HR to the decision, among others.

The impact
Identifying points for improvement and seeking resolution for them is the beginning of the process.
The realization of this project allowed our client to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment processes he carried out in the last year by about 50% and 30%, respectively, compared to the previous year. This is because all stakeholders knew what was expected of them and had the tools to streamline and shorten recruitment times.
Facilitated and improved everyone's role.


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