Aspects to take into account in attracting young talent - Part II

After we realize what can go wrong...

PART 2 - What can go wrong

If well planned, the integration of young talent can be a fundamental lever for Organizational Transformation and sustained business growth. Let's see some advantages:

  • Hiring new graduates allows you to develop them in the Organization's image. They will be future ambassadors of its values ​​and culture to others and potential future leaders with levels of commitment higher than those of a profile hired in the market for a Leadership role;

  • They have a neutral and unbiased view of the business and of the teams, which is not always the case for those who have been with the Company for many years. This allows them to challenge others to think about inefficiencies and to stimulate innovation;

  • They are part of a generation that adopts new gadgets and technology very easily, making these profiles natural ambassadors for digital transformation with others, which turns out to be a fundamental intangible in the current market, with so many exponential transformations.

In the next article we will be able to find out what "quick learnings" we can learn about attracting young talent.


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