Volume Recruitment Projects

The purpose

In moments of strategic and organizational growth, it is essential to identify the right talent, so that the project can achieve the objectives that the company has set itself. In the specific case, a company linked to information technologies went through a period of need for mass recruitment, in order to be able to respond in a timely manner to the demands of its business, with the delivery of quality projects to its customers.
Although there is a human resources team within the organization, the purpose was to create a partnership with a company specialized in the area (Argo Fit), so that the internal team could be focused on issues related to employee retention and development already existing and that are able to respond quickly to the needs of increasing their team to respond to the existing business.
The way
In a first phase, we met with the client, in order to understand the recruitment priorities for the different business areas. In this way, we were able to define a work plan and allocate the necessary team to carry out the project. This was a fundamental step to ensure that the approximately 50 vacancies would be filled in a timely manner.
In a next phase, it was important to know the Hiring Managers, in order to align what would be the understanding of the function, not only in terms of hard skills and professional experience, but also in terms of soft skills that were valued by each of the managers.
A team of consultants was allocated to the project, identifying a Project Manager (within our team), responsible for ensuring delivery timings, respective quality and for maintaining a constant line of communication with the client, so that possible alignments can be aligned changes to the planogram and profiles.
After receiving each of the job descriptions, a brief meeting with the client made it possible to quickly define the line of research to be carried out and the perfect understanding of the mission of each person to be hired, so that we can pass to the candidate, in the most transparent, the main challenges.
After the publication of an advertisement and the respective curricular screening (this one more focused on the assessment of hard skills), telephone interviews were carried out to assess the candidate’s motivation for a professional change, as well as salary expectations associated. In a next step, the face-to-face interviews made it possible to assess the cultural and behavioral alignment of the candidates for the company and the boss.
In the final phase, candidate’s assessment reports were delivered, and we accompanied the scheduling of meetings with the client, as well as the offer phase, in order to guarantee the successful hiring.
During the entire process, and as it was a mass recruitment project, the main KPI’s of project evolution were delivered to the client on a weekly basis, as well as the main difficulties in attracting candidates being shared. This factor made it possible to realign and adjust some themes, namely in terms of compensation.
The impact
Despite the specificity of the more technical functions, the proximity of communication with the client allowed the whole team to have, in a very clear way, the main points for the delivery of candidates with the appropriate profile. The speed of the client's response to the candidates presented was also a crucial point in attracting candidates who, in more specific areas, are very much approached by the market.
The constant team meetings, in order to measure the evolution of each of the processes, allowed to reallocate the team or change the planogram, according to the client's urgency, which was also a factor of the project's success.
It was effectively a case of success, made possible both by the dedication and professionalism of the team, as well as by the sense of urgency present in each of the consultants involved. The fact that the client, feeling the proximity, made possible an open communication channel not only with HR but also with Hiring Managers, was also a key point for the whole project to have been closed in a very positive way.
In a post-hire phase, the monitoring that we have done of the candidates, has made it possible to understand their main achievements and fears, so that the project manager was able to continue talking to the client, unlocking more complex situations.


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